Drug War Criminals

Drug War Criminals

General Barry McCaffrey is the current director for the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Better known as Benito Mussolini II. Mr. McCaffrey should be the very first name in the world court indictments handed down in the near future. McCaffrey controls almost 16 billion dollars in Drug War expenditures by the United States Government’s futile effort to jail every last free American for using drugs. McCaffrey’s ability to tell the truth vanished years ago, as he proves almost daily that he is not above sinking way down into the bottomless depths of lies, deception, and outright fraud to make sure he can continue to control that 16 Billion dollar budget. He is not afraid to use the military to cause insurgencies in other countries where they do not subscribe to his neo-fascist policies, and sinister right wing power trip.

Here are a few examples of Barry’s Lies

The murder rate in Holland is double that in the United States. That’s drugs.” Barry McCaffrey, July 23, 1998.

The Facts:

The Dutch homicide rate in 1995 was one-fourth that of the United States (1.8 vs. 8.0).


FBI, Uniform Crime Reports and Dutch Bureau of Statistics

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